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Pink Meth is a Tor Hidden Service that allows you to post anyone's nudes and info, anonymously (thanks to Tor), and without the fear of being hit with a phony lawsuit, or any legal repercussions for that matter. We will publish the entry as long as it follows our Code of Conduct. Entries that don't violate our code will not be removed.

You will need to have Tor software installed on your computer to securely access Pink Meth.

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I. Uploading of any kind of pictures or videos of minors is strictly forbidden.

II. Photoshopped, or otherwise unclear nude pictures (without a face, or any way to confirm it's the person in question) will not be posted.

III. Voyeuristic pictures and videos (beaches, shopping malls, elevators, hidden cams) are not to be shared here.

IV. Pictures and videos that were taken without consent (drunk, sleeping) will not be published and have no place here.

V. Full doxes go on DOXBIN.

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